At THEHEART, we believe that Giving is essential to our relationship with God. When you choose to give to THEHEART there are 2 things that change:


When you give to THEHEART, is you change the impact that THEHEART will have on the city of San Marcos.  With every dollar that comes in, we will be able to do more on a Sunday morning and more throughout the week.

Each dollar will go towards furthering the good news of the message of Jesus.  Your money will go to an eternal mission that will be here long after we are gone.


When you give to THEHEART, you are telling God that you trust him with your finances.  You are showing God, and yourself, that you are willing to make a sacrifice for the sake of eternity. You are literally investing in eternity when you give.

Your relationship with God grows and changes as you give, not because of the money or the amount, but because giving requires sacrifice, no matter the amount. It shows God that he comes first in your life, in all areas.